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April 2, 2004

View of Kentucky's legislative session in progress showing how laptops are used to help keep legislators informed.When Kentucky's legislative session reconvens on April 12th, the Governor's Office for Technology (GOT) will continue paying close attention to bills related to technology to see if they find passage. Here is a list of bills that GOT is tracking that have either passed or are up for consideration:

HB 226- An ACT relating to wireless communications.
HB 226 has been signed by each presiding officer and has been delivered to Governor Fletcher for his signature. This bill seeks to expand the definitions of "frequency," "interoperability," and "standards," and create definitions for "public safety shared infrastructure" and "primary wireless public safety voice or data communications systems." The bill would also require all state agencies utilizing state or federal funds for public safety wireless communications systems to submit project plans for review by Kentucky Wireless Interoperability Executive Committee (KWIEC) and approval by the state CIO. Local agencies would be required to submit proposals for review by KWIEC.

SB 55/HB 188/HB395(SCS) - ACTs containing exemptions to open records/meetings for homeland security.
SB 55/HB 188/HB 395(SCS) are being considered. These bills are of interest because they seek to exempt from public records information that may threaten public safety as it relates to, among other things, IT vulnerability assessments, security and response needs assessments, and infrastructure records as it pertains to information technology.

HB 627(SCS) - An ACT relating to the provision of broadband service.
HB 627(SCS) is waiting for concurrence and has been placed in the orders of the day for April 12th. This bill seeks to define broadband service, recognizes the necessity of expanding broadband service to all areas of the state, and requires the Office of the New Economy to prepare a baseline assessment of broadband deployment in the Commonwealth and monitor expansion.

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