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Kentucky Wins $4.3 Million NASA Project
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Medicaid Patient Data Now Available to Healthcare Providers On-line
Down the Road Again: Technology Helps Truckers Keep Moving
New On-line Store Helping People with Visual Disabilities

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United States Postal Services gets Slammed
The Push to Dethrone Google
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State Stat
On July 31, 2003, Kentucky's Amber Alert system was utilized for the first time and resulted in the immediate capture of two suspects accused of abducting a Shelbyville, Kentucky teenager. State troopers learned about the Amber Alert on their police radios via the Kentucky Emergency Warning System (KEWS) communications network. The KEWS network of communications towers serves as a vital tool for many Kentucky state agencies including the Department of Natural Resources, State Police, Emergency Management, Transportation Cabinet, and Kentucky Educational Television (KET).

Map depicting the tower locations for Kentucky's Emergency Warning System (KEWS).  There are 108  KEWS owned towers and 41 "other" owned towers statewide.

The Governor's Office for Technology is in charge of the operation and management of the KEWS network.

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