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City of Frankfort Goes High-Tech to Manage Landscape
Technology Used to Make Dangerous Intersection Safer
Buying Kentucky Products Online This Holiday Season Just Got Easier
Online Holiday Shopping In Kentucky Expected to Surpass $182 million

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Fix Cyber-Security Or Else, US Tells Industry
Where Does All That Spam Come From?
Microsoft Official Says Viruses Cost $13B in 2003
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Will You Be Inline or Online This Holiday Season?
For Kentuckian's, the Internet is gaining in popularity as
a resource for finding that perfect gift for the holidays
(see story). But it hasn't replaced going to the mall yet.

Chart: US consumers who say they shop online in addition to shopping in stores rather than instead of stores, November 2003 (as a % of respondents) 63% agree, 22% neither agree or disagree, 15% disagree
Source: WSL Strategic Retail

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