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Child Support Technology wins Cabinet for Families and Children National Award

October 1, 2003Cabinet for Families and Children

In September, Kentucky's Cabinet for Families and Children was awarded the "Commissioner's Award for Creative Use of Automation in Increasing Efficiency" by the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement. The award was a result of a project that used teamwork and technology to help bring those in need a little closer to the support they deserve.

When it comes to collecting child support, Kentucky is facing an overwhelming task. Today, over $1.2 billion in child support obligations are currently delinquent statewide. Last year, Kentucky paid $97.7 million in public assistance to those who were entitled to child support. The Cabinet for Families and Children (CFC) decided to use teamwork and technology to combat the problem of delinquent support payments.

With the help of Kentucky's Revenue Cabinet and the Governor's Office for Technology, a project was developed to tap into the automated process already in place by the Revenue Cabinet for seizing financial assets. An interface was created between CFC and the Revenue cabinet to allow for fast and efficient processing of arrearages due and receipts for collecting child support. In July 2002, the Kentucky General Assembly granted the Cabinet the authority to use the same collection tools to collect delinquent child support that are used for collecting delinquent taxes. The project kicked off in January of 2003. In its first three months, over $90,000 was collected with money going to back support, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and medical arrearages.

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