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Coming to an Email Address Near You:

October 1, 2003

The email addresses for those who work for the Commonwealth of Kentucky will be getting shorter and easier to remember in the future. Starting this month, state agencies will transition their staff from to The new email extension was recently adopted as an enterprise standard by the state’s Enterprise Architecture and Standards Committee.Graphic showing email inbox

Why the Change?
One of the goals of adopting the new standard is to develop a more consistent, recognizable, and predictable e-mail address for the Commonwealth. According to language in the standard, "Consistent naming conventions are important for ease of discovery and recognition by citizens seeking information and electronic services on the Internet. A simple, similar, and recognizable Internet e-mail address is important to promote a common look and feel for state government."

Some state agencies have already begun migrating to the new standard in a pilot phase with complete migration to anticipated by the end of March, 2004. According to Doug Robinson from the Governor's Office for Technology, "There are many examples of how the Commonwealth is moving to a statewide view of government, from the new state Website,, to policies in place to help streamline IT purchases by agencies. This email standard is another step along the road in making state government more efficient and more memorable for citizens."

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