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Commonwealth Adopts Framework for Project Management

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MIT for Free, Virtually
Rural Broadband Deployment Gets a Boost
States Ask Congress to Bless Internet Tax
White House Orders Agencies To Tighten Privacy On Personal Data

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Graphic depicting voting systems in KY.  Most KY counties use direct response eletronic voting systems.  Jefferson county uses an optical system.  Powell county has a mixed system.  A lever system is used in Wolfe, Morgan, Bell, Monroe, McCreary and Clay counties.

Kentucky is considered progressive in its election laws, as well as in its acquisition of electronic voting equipment. The Commonwealth has been recognized as a leader in the conduct of elections. Kentuckians go to the polls to vote for a new governor on November 4. Voter turnout for the May 2003 Primary was 17 percent. The last time Kentucky had a gubernatorial election was in November of 1999. Of the 2,600,113 citizens registered to vote at that time, 22.2 percent actually voted. In the race for Governor, 60.6 percent voted Democrat, 22.2 voted Republican.

Learn more about Kentucky and the Help America Vote Act of 2002:

Visit the Kentucky State Board of Elections Website:


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