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NASCIO Honors Kentucky's CIO and Kentucky's Virtual Adult Education Website

October 1, 2003

On September 9, during the State Dinner at their 2003 Annual conference, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers honored Commonwealth of Kentucky CIO and NASCIO Past President Aldona Valicenti with its prestigious Meritorious Service Award. NASCIO created the award to spotlight a state CIO who has exemplified outstanding service and leadership Aldona Valicenti - CIO of Kentuckyin state government. Valicenti’s distinctive leadership, innovation and achievements exemplify the qualities of this award.

Valicenti has been a key leader within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. “Kentucky was one of the first states to hire a CIO at the Executive Cabinet level and we couldn’t have picked a better one. Over the past five years, Aldona Valicenti has helped us reengineer and rethink technology in the Commonwealth, providing innovative leadership and direction,” said Kentucky Governor Paul E. Patton.
In addition, Valicenti’s work at NASCIO has assisted in elevating the voice and mission of the association. She has transformed strategic planning from past years into action. “Aldona has worked to ensure the vitality of the organization. She has brought focus to the issues and leadership to the association. Through her efforts as ambassador of the organization, she has solidified the vitality of NASCIO. She has worked tirelessly to grow the organization,” said NASCIO President and Missouri CIO Gerry Wethington.

In addition, the KentuckyKentucky Virtual Adult Education logo Virtual Adult Education Website (KYVAE) was honored with a NASCIO Recognition Award for Innovative Use of Technology. In less than two years, KYVAE has revolutionized the way services are delivered to citizens, and thousands more are enrolling online as a result. Without a template to follow, two state agencies, the Council on Postsecondary Education (including the Kentucky Virtual University) and the Department for Adult Education and Literacy, charted an innovative course to meet the needs of citizens.

The site offers:

  • "Anytime, anywhere" access to quality curriculum, resources and instructional support
  • Career planning and an occupational database of over 9,000 job profiles
  • Targeted instruction to develop the required skills in a high-touch, online environment.
  • Increased familiarity and confidence with computers, which can enhance adult learners' employment prospects.
  • A more seamless transition from adult to postsecondary education.
  • Increased cost-savings through economies of scale. The cost per student is decreasing and is already $132 less than the traditional adult learning center model of $382 per student.

Cheryl King, Associate Vice President and Commissioner of Kentucky Adult Education, sums up Kentucky's technological innovations best: "From the hills to the hollows and from the cities, towns, and farms, the KYVAE is providing convenient, 24-hour-a-day access to quality learning opportunities, no matter where you live in Kentucky."

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