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Commonwealth Adopts Consistent Framework for Managing Projects

"Built from the Ground Up - Supported From the Top Down!"

Office of Consulting and Project Management
Governor's Office for Technology

Driven by an understanding that the Commonwealth must develop a discipline in project management that assures project success or risk compromising financial and business goals, the Governor's Office for Technology chartered a Project Management Framework Initiative (Initiative) to address this issue. The goal of the Initiative was to align business initiatives with strategic goals and objectives using a structured Project Management Methodology to be implemented as a standard for use by all Commonwealth agencies. As a result of the Initiative, the Enterprise Project Management Framework (Framework) has been developed and recently approved as an Enterprise Project Management Standard for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Responsibility for the development of the Framework resided within two dynamic teams that were formed to research industry "best practices" and then take the "best of the best" to form the Framework. The Core Team, consisting of the staff of GOT's Division of Project Office and Integration, functioned as the facilitators of the Project. The Process Improvement Team (PIT), made up of Project Managers from GOT's Office of Consulting and Project Management (OCPM) and other GOT offices, along with key individuals representing a cross-section of Executive Agencies throughout the Commonwealth, were responsible for developing "from the ground up" the processes and deliverables that make up the Framework.

The Framework is easily adaptable to meet the unique requirements of IT projects of all types, regardless of size, complexity, scope, visibility and risk throughout the Commonwealth and establishes a structured business discipline to manage IT projects across the Commonwealth.

Some of the expected benefits to the Commonwealth from the deployment of the Framework are:

  • Increased control of project scope, risk, cost and schedule
  • Adaptable, scalable processes that meet the unique requirements of projects of all types, regardless of complexity, scope, visibility and risk
  • Repeatable processes that we all recognize and come to expect on any project
  • Measures of project success that represent the intended business goals and objectives
  • Improved project accountability through established project roles and responsibilities

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