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Gail Tucker
Transportation Cabinet

Three of the Traffic Response and Incident Management Assisting the River Cities (TRIMARC) signs in Louisville are now displaying estimated travel times to key interchanges.Traffic Response and Incident Management Assisting the River Cities (TRIMARC) sign

The data necessary to calculate travel times is gathered through traffic sensors along the side of the road that measure speed, volume and density. Currently the large over-the-road message signs at I-71 southbound near Zorn Avenue, I-64 westbound near Grinstead and I-65 northbound at Fern Valley are displaying estimated times. Generally the estimated time is to Spaghetti Junction where I-64, I-71 and I-65 merge. Future plans include adding other locations to the system.

"While the travel time information is helpful for motorists, they need to realize that incidents can occur after they have passed the sign that can impact their travel times," according to TRIMARC program manager John Crossfield. He also added that incident information would always take precedence over estimated travel times.

TRIMARC, which began operation in 2000, has 12 overhead interstate signs giving up-to-date travel information. The system uses state-of-the art technology to improve safety, emergency response, travel time and air quality within the Greater Louisville area. TRIMARC, an initiative of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, monitors over 50 miles of interstate in the Louisville and southern Indiana region.

In addition to the signs, TRIMARC also has a Web site ( and a weekday traffic television program that airs on Greater Louisville TV (Channel 25) from 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. In conjunction with AAA Kentucky, TRIMARC also operates Freeway Friends, a service patrol to provide free roadside assistance to stranded motorists and public safety officers.

The TRIMARC Web site was chosen as one of four outstanding sites in a Federal Highway Administration competition in early September. The Web site, which went online in 2001, was selected from a review of 276 traveler information sites for its content and usability. Users of the site can click on signs or cameras to get detailed information. Amber Alerts are also posted on TRIMARC signs and the Web page.

TRIMARC is an Intelligent Transportation System designed to manage freeway traffic congestion.

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